Born in Ayacucho, Argentina, she did her professional studies of saxophone at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires, where she gets the First Prix of the 1st Chamber Music Competition.

Attracted by the interaction between different artistic disciplines, she finished her degree with a project (published by the online magazine of music research 4'33'') in which she collaborated with composers for the creation of new musical pieces in relation with literature and verbal-phonetic element and from a semiotics approach.

From 2006 she has been participating in many different ensembles and projects (Argentinian Young Orchestra of Bicentenary, Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, Philosophy Faculty Symphonic Orchestra, Container Ensemble, Proxima Centauri).

She received a scholarship from Mozarteum Argentino to study in the Netherlands with Arno Bornkamp. She also did studies of saxophone and contemporary chamber music with Marie-Bernadette Charrier at the Conservatory of Bordeaux (France) and with Pierre-Stéphane Meugé at the Haute École de musique de Lausanne (Switzerland), where she obtains her Master in Interpretation and receives the Paléo HES-SO prix. During these years, she had received support from Mozarteum Argentino. Fondation Max Jost (ch), Fondation Irène Dénéréaz(ch) and the National Arts Fond (arg). She has also degrees in Music Pedagogy (Hemu-Lausanne) and Cultural Management (USC-Spain).

She is regularly guest masterclass teacher in different institutions in Argentina as Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad del Litoral, Conservatorio Astor Piazzolla, Conservatorio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Conservatorio de Bahía Blanca, Universidad nacional del Arte, Facultad de Bellas Artes and National Program for Young Orchestras. She was also invited by the Conservatory of Athens (Greece) and international saxophone festivals.

She belongs to the interdisciplinary collective Young Blood Initiative, based in Amsterdam and the artistic platform Collège Contemporain. She participates in different festivals and projects of contemporary music, collaborating with dancers and visual artists: International Summer course for new music – Darmstadt, Impuls – Graz, Delian Academy for new music-Greece, Meta-kasi collective, Experimental arts center of the Teatro Argentino (TACEC), Kagel Conferences 2018 (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Collogne). Currently, she develops an interdisciplinary project between the fields of theatre, music, audivisuals and dance.

She is the artistic director and saxophonist of Awkas ensemble (Fr-Ch) and communication assistant at Delian Academy for New Music (Greece). Based in Switzerland, she's saxophone teacher at l'École de musique Multisites and Conservatoire des Régions.